Richard Hammond

Top Gear Thursday: Can Richard Hammond Walk on Water?


Next week, Richard Hammond tries to channel his own inner Ernest Hemingway. No, he’s not going to be writing crisp, clear but enigmatic prose – he’s going to try his hand at bullfighting.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond ‘Would Be a Great Stuntman,’ Says Mentor

This week, Richard Hammond survived being thrown off a bridge and being set on fire as a Hollywood stunt man. The challenges he faced all presented threats to life and limb.

Top Gear Thursday: Watch Out, ‘Crash Course’ Season Two is Coming!

The Hamster tries his hand at a variety of professions in the second season of Richard Hammond’s Crash Course, but perhaps it’s appropriate that he’s starting with a stint as a stunt (yes, the consonance was deliberate) driver on …

WATCH: Richard Hammond’s First Impressions of America

Previously, we posted Richard Hammond‘s choice for the most common misconception Americans have about British people. Today, the Crash Course host reveals his earliest impressions about our young nation, and his observations might …

WATCH: Richard Hammond on What Americans Don’t Understand About Brits

Richard Hammond has spent a lot of time on these shores, much of it taking on frightening occupations for his BBC AMERICA series Richard Hammond’s Crash Course (which premieres its second season Monday, October 22 at 10/9c).

Top Gear Thursday: Hammond Says U.S. Slang is Missing Important Word

Richard Hammond has spent a good deal of time over here in the U.S. He enjoys getting to know us Americans through our jobs, and he even tries to see if he can learn to do them himself in his show, Richard Hammond’s Crash Course.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Back in the Saddle

Perhaps Richard Hammond didn’t get the “Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor” nursery ditty straight when he was a kid. Maybe his non-rhyming version went “cattle rancher, cab driver, stuntman, barber.

Top Gear Thursday: He Steals Marlboros From Jeremy Clarkson, and They Call Him ‘The Cig’


We wuz robbed, Jeremy Clarkson and James May said (more or less).

Top Gear Thursday: ‘Top Gear’ is the Most-Watched Factual Show in the World

That’s right, just like the headline said: More people watch Top Gear than any other factual show in the world.

Top Gear Thursday: Richard Hammond’s Busy American Summer

As you probably know, Richard Hammond has been in the U.S. filming the second season of his show Crash Course.