Richard Branson

Brits with Birthdays: Felicitations Are Due Benedict Cumberbatch, and Others

Busy, busy Benedict Cumberbatch needs to make time in his busy schedule this Friday, July 19, to mark his 37th birthday.

The Best Of The Morning’s April Fool’s Day Gags

This is the worst day of the year if your job is to basically find out what other people are talking about, and then report it back to other people, who might not have known about that stuff in the first place.

Celebs React to Royal Baby News

It’s been made official, Kate Middleton is pregnant. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their first child who will be third in line to the throne.

The Brit List: Summer of London – Innovators

“He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils,” wrote Sir Francis Bacon, “for time is the greatest innovator.” Some three centuries later, another Englishman, Prime Minister Harold Wilson, put it a little …

Simon Cowell Is Sending The Winner Of ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Into Space

I’m not sure if you can follow a remorseful quote about being too arrogant with a declaration that you’ll be sending the winner of a TV talent show into space to broadcast to the entire planet, but then Simon Cowell is not …

News Roundup: Kate Winslet Battles ‘A Wall Of Fire’

Kate Winslet has revealed exactly what happened on the night of the fire at Richard Branson’s house, and who were the real heroes.

News Roundup: The Beckhams’ Golden Tribute to Harper, Pete Doherty and Carla Bruni Pal Up, and Helen ‘Body of the Year’ Mirren

Y’know that family who’ve just had a new baby and they’re so smitten they can’t stop recording every aspect of their child’s growth? And changing their Facebook profile picture to a picture of the baby?

News Roundup: When Daniel Met Clint (In a Leotard), ‘Sherlock’ Snaps, Posh’s Baby Bump

• When Daniel Craig met Clint Eastwood… while wearing a leotard.

Sir Richard Branson Reveals the World’s First Commercial Spaceport

Sir Richard Branson's passion for bringing space tourism to the masses is no ordinary feat. The Daily Mail reports that the British billionaire and Virgin CEO is inching closer to achieving his goal with the unveiling of the …

Richard Branson vs. Stephen Colbert: Was Their Fight Staged?

British billionaire Richard Branson appeared on The Colbert Report last Tuesday, and, apparently, got into an altercation on-stage with host Stephen Colbert. Branson came on the show to plug his new Virgin American airline, but he …