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Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Feb. 11): Lord Alan Sugar Vs Olympic Stadium, Sir Bob Geldof, Glastonbury

What’s trending on Twitter in the UK today? Alan Sugar doesn’t think West Ham should take on Olympic Stadium, Sir Bob Geldof releases a new single, and the headliners for the annual Glastonbury Music Festival a.k.

Alan McGee Wants Rhys Ifans for Creation Records Motion Picture?

Scotland’s Daily Record reports that the story of one of Britain’s most notorious and celebrated record labels, Creation Records, might be coming to the silver screen.

Rhys Ifans Cast as ‘Spider-Man’ Baddie

Lycra-loving Andrew Garfield will have some stiff competition once he morphs into Spider-Man in 2012, as Rhys Ifans is set to appear as one of the film's resident villians.

Roundup: Lord Alan Sugar Calls for ‘Sir’ Simon Cowell

British business magnate Lord Alan Sugar considers Simon Cowell's immeasurable contributions to the world of music worthy of a higher title. The Apprentice UK board leader thinks Queen Elizabeth should bestow the churlish former …

Rhys Ifans Loses It, Amy Winehouse May Have TB, Naomi Campbell Is Sentenced

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Sienna and Rhys To Make Their Home in Wales

If the town of Pittsburgh (or “Sh*ttsburgh, as she called it) wasn’t enough, Sienna Miller has now pissed off all of England. After declaring that she was moving to Wales with her boyfriend Rhys Ifans, Miller said, “I …

Rhys Ifans Won’t Talk About Sienna Miller

Rhys Ifans refuses to talk about his “girlfriend” Sienna Miller in an interview with The Guardian. He tells Sean O’Hagan: “I don’t do celebrity.

Kate Moss Threatens To Bring The Power of La Cosa Nostra Down on Sienna Miller – Allegedly

In spite of her praying mantis frame, supermodel-turned-gangsta Kate Moss isn’t one to be effed with, and Sienna Miller had better watch her back. This weekend at Davinia Taylor‘s 30th birthday party, Moss was overheard …

Sienna Miller’s Not a Hoochie, Just a “Good Samaritan”

Sienna Miller may be attached to Brother & Sisters star Matthew Rhys. However, The Mirror reports that the actress and Rhys Ifans are “getting on like a house on fire.