Rhydian Roberts

The British Had Their Own “Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen”

Things aren’t look that great for Adam Lambert going into tonight’s American Idol finale against Kris Allen. According to DialIdol – a website that “measures the busy signal to determine which Idols are getting …

Leon Jackson May Be No. 1, But Rhydian Has the Buzz

X Factor‘s Leon Jackson and Rhydian Roberts are shaping up to be the UK’s answer to American Idol‘s Ruben Studdard and Clay Aiken. Likable winner with above-average talent beats campy vocal virtuoso but loses when it …

Leon v. Rhydian on The X Factor: Most Contested Vote Since
Gore v. Bush.

In a stunning upset, Leon Jackson won X Factor on Saturday, prevailing over season-long favorites Rhydian Roberts and brother-sister duo Same Difference.

X-Factor’s Rhydian: Like a Really Camp Cheerleader in a White Supremacist Pep Rally

Don't know if you've been following this season's X-Factor – the UK's version of American Idol – but you can catch highlights of the show on the X-Factor channel on YouTube. The contestant making headlines …