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‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: Why Peter Capaldi Really IS The Doctor

In the days before Matt Smith’s final scenes as the Doctor, we ran a series of posts talking about his greatest triumphs and tragedies as the Eleventh Doctor. And one of them pointed out that the secret to his success—apart from ...

Alex Kingston and The Whovian Reunions

We all love River Song, don’t we? The only woman in the universe (so far) that can approach the Doctor on anything like equal terms, terrifyingly good with a gun, and played by one of the most vivacious actresses Britain has ever ...

WATCH: British Costume Drama Takes A Psychedelic Turn In ‘A Field In England’

Back in May, we spoke to the writer/director Ben Wheatley (Sightseers, Kill List) about his new project, in which a small group of soldiers, running away from the horrors of the English Civil War, are captured by an alchemist on the ...

WATCH: Simon Pegg Reveals First Trailer For ‘The World’s End’

This is no time to muck about. We’ve been waiting to see what the third installment of Edgar Wright, Nick Frost and Simon Pegg’s ‘Cornetto Trilogy’ would be like for (*checks watch*) oh, flipping AGES now.

Daleks Invade London Again, For ‘An Adventure In Space And Time’

More details have emerged concerning An Adventure In Space and Time, Mark Gatiss’s dramatisation of the early years of Doctor Who, starring David Bradley as the First Doctor, William Hartnell.