Reality TV

Brit Binge Watching: True Life and Reality TV You Can View Online

Reality TV is such a beast, coming in all shapes and sizes, whether it be documentary, lifestyle, competition or just plain odd. BBC America offers a range of shows like the extreme Houdini-like Dangerman, Wild Things with Dominic …

What Are Brits Watching: ‘Skint’

Channel 4’s Skint examines the broke life.

What’s on: Skint What is it: This four-part observational documentary series tells the stories of individuals and families who are surviving without working due to long-term unemployment or have never worked at all. Some of the …

BBC Worldwide America Presents – Clash of the Choirs!

Now that Dancing With the Stars is on hiatus, where are you gonna get your fix of BBC-produced reality TV goodness? Fret no longer, telly fans: Auntie Beeb has a new treat for you.