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Watch: British Celebs Offer “A Little Help” to Friends with Dementia in New Ad Campaign

Famous British names such as Chris Martin, Lily Allen, Simon Pegg, Ray Winstone, Jim Sturgess and Britain’s Got Talent judge Amanda Holden warble their way through the Beatles’ “I Get By With a Little Help From My …

British TV Cop Show Reboot ‘The Sweeney’ to Open March 1

The poster for the new movie reboot of one of the most popular of British TV shows of the 1970s has just been released in the U.S.

Top Gear Thursday: Hiring the Show’s Crew for ‘The Sweeney’ Was ‘Touch of Genius’

When director Nick Love needed to get some help filming car chases for The Sweeney, his movie version of the famous British TV police series, where did he turn?

The Brit List: Top Ten British Character Actors in Movies Today

It’s well known among actors that while leading roles may afford the most screen time and biggest pay checks, supporting roles offer the greater acting challenges and often juiciest lines and scenes.

WATCH: Ray Winstone and Plan B In ‘The Sweeney’ Trailer

A week or so ago, we looked at British TV theme tunes, and in particular stopped to give extravagent praise to The Sweeney, the hard-boiled ’70s cop show where the police played by the same rules as the criminals and no one was …

Why Are All Of Snow White’s Dwarves British?

Not long ago, we pulled together a compilation of American things that the British had improved, and we mentioned that British actors often get cast as the bad guys in action movies. And this is something we all understand.

Ray Winstone: Voice Coach To The Stars

If you’ve seen Mel Gibson’s performance as a puppeteer in The Beaver, and marvelled at the accuracy with which he nails the London accent for his furry friend, well, there’s a reason for that. Far from being a dubbed …

Coldplay Fund New British Thriller

It used to be a fairly well-trodden showbiz path: ridiculously famous and rich rock band starts hanging out with film-makers; film-makers try and make a film; film struggles to get funding; ridiculously famous and rich rock band steps …

Watch: ‘London Boulevard’ Trailer Sizzles with Mega Hot UK Cast

London Boulevard marks the highly-anticipated directorial debut from William Monahan, the Academy Award-winning screenwriter behind 2006's The Departed. The sizzling crime drama draws from Ken Bruen's novel of the same title and …

Ray Winstone: From Rotund to Ripped Without a Single Sit-Up

Portly actor Ray Winstone received a digital tummy tuck and six-pack abs for his role as Beowulf in Robert Zemeckis‘ film out this fall.(The Daily Mail compares his normal body, featuring a prominent belly, to his new …