Ray Stevenson

First Look: ‘Thor: The Dark World’ Poster

Marvel has released a poster for Thor: The Dark World, the sequel to 2011’s Thor. They made sure not to leave anyone out.

Matt Smith & Steven Moffat Lend A Hand To The ‘Doctor Who’ Experience

Fear not, gentle Whovian, Matt Smith has not been wrestling with a new and more liquidy form of Weeping Angel (or even mucking out their chemical latrine), he and Steven Moffat have had their hands cast in cement as part of the latest …

Could 2011 Be ‘Rome’ Star Ray Stevenson’s Big Year?

With three of his films set for release in the next six months, this is shaping up to be a good year for 46-year-old actor Ray Stevenson, who grew up in England.

Close The Borders: British Actors Will Work For Food

The New York Times has an article about all of the British actors who come over here, expertly feign Yankee accents, and take all of our TV roles. Hugh Laurie was the first to make the jump, and now UK actors like Damian Lewis, …