Rafe Spall

First Look: Daniel Radcliffe in Romantic Comedy ‘What If’

“What if I get pancakes for dinner?” (CBS Films) Are you one of those people who suffer from the disorder whatifness?

TRAILERWATCH: Stephen Merchant and Rose Byrne In ‘I Give It A Year’

Oh lord, there’s a sight guaranteed to create fear in the minds of any young couple of their wedding day, Stephen Merchant standing up to give a speech. And when you see the speech he does give, you’ll realise all fears are …

Rafe Spall Discusses His ‘Drunken, Illiterate’ Shakespeare in ‘Anonymous’

The historical thriller Anonymous is fanning the flames of the age-old debate over whether or not William Shakespeare wrote the works attributed to him. In the film Brit actor Rafe Spall plays Shakespeare but, as I discovered, it’s …

As the New ‘Jane Eyre’ Opens, Ghosts of Rochesters Past Haunt Us

When it comes to tortured, self-loathing, sarcastic heroes, it’s hard to beat Mr. Rochester.