Rafe Spall

First Look: Daniel Radcliffe in Romantic Comedy ‘What If’

“What if I get pancakes for dinner?” (CBS Films) Are you one of those people who suffer from the disorder whatifness?

TRAILERWATCH: Stephen Merchant and Rose Byrne In ‘I Give It A Year’

Oh lord, there’s a sight guaranteed to create fear in the minds of any young couple of their wedding day, Stephen Merchant standing up to give a speech. And when you see the speech he does give, you’ll realise all fears are ...

Rafe Spall Discusses His ‘Drunken, Illiterate’ Shakespeare in ‘Anonymous’

The historical thriller Anonymous is fanning the flames of the age-old debate over whether or not William Shakespeare wrote the works attributed to him. In the film Brit actor Rafe Spall plays Shakespeare but, as I discovered, it’s ...

As the New ‘Jane Eyre’ Opens, Ghosts of Rochesters Past Haunt Us

When it comes to tortured, self-loathing, sarcastic heroes, it’s hard to beat Mr. Rochester.