Racism Charges Divide British TV, Music Industries

A BBC reporter criticizes comedian Lenny Henry for his comments about race and employment practices at the company. Reporter Olenkia Frenkiel says, “Lenny Henry calls for a black dg (Director-General). Any black dg?

Britons Love Bollywood. Race-Mixing? Not So Much…

Why are the Bollywood “Oscars” being held in Sheffield of all places? “For British filmgoers, Bollywood is a more popular non-Hollywood genre than European arthouse movies, and its titles now regularly appear in UK …

Tony Blair Blames It On the Blacks?

Some might claim that “foot-in-mouth” disease – now renamed Don Imus Syndrome – is the new avian flu, so contagious that it leaps continents: yesterday, Prime Minister Tony Blair outraged black leaders in the …

Mexico Slaughtered Britain at Last Night’s Oscars

The British dominance of Hollywood has been a big story throughout award season. But one could be forgiven for mistaking last night’s Oscars for a World Cup match, and, predictably, Britain got beaten by Mexico.

Who Loves The Sun? Racists, Maybe???

OK, this is soooo wrongheaded, I almost mistook it for self-satire. On the front page of today’s issue of The Sun, a group of children of differing ethnicities hold signs bearing racial slurs.