Princess Diana

Will Kate Middleton Wear a Tiara for the Royal Wedding?

All that glitters is not necessarily gold – it might be a diamond and silver tiara, the elegant, crown-like headpiece favored by princesses and brides.

Charles and Diana’s Visit to U.S., Remembered Quarter-Century Later

In late June, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s first official overseas trip will be to Canada. It’s a country with strong links to the monarchy, so a rousing reception is to be expected.

Royal Wedding Fever Hits Ohio: Black Tie Optional, Tiaras Encouraged

As she plans her royal wedding party, Kathleen Kern of Cincinnati, Ohio can’t quite decide on one crucial aspect. Should she hire actors to play Prince William and Kate Middleton?

Trains and Tiaras: The Royal Wedding Gown as Fashion Statement

Kate Middleton‘s wedding dress is sure to be the topic of discussion on April 29 — whatever she chooses to wear will be endlessly imitated, discussed, debated, and critiqued. Her choice will instantly become a global fashion  …

Princess Diana’s Wedding Dress Continues To Inspire U.S. Fans

With all the build up to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s big day, have you been wondering where Diana, Princess of Wales’ wedding dress is? Look no further than the Grand Rapids Art Museum in Michigan.

PHOTOS: Over 60 Years of British Royal Weddings

Royal weddings set the bar pretty high for the rest of us mere mortals. Featuring a level of glamour seemingly only reserved for Greek gods, a royal wedding is like a classic Hollywood premiere times a thousand.

A 3D Wedding for Prince William and Kate Middleton?

As Prince William and Kate Middleton dive into planning their April 29th nuptials, royal watchers are in constant chatter over the lavish ceremony’s upcoming television broadcast.

PHOTOS: Prince William, From Tot To Totty

Few human beings know what it feels like to have lived their entire lives within the public eye. And very few in that select group have weathered that glare with the panache of Prince William, eldest son of Prince Charles and Princess …

The Daily Telegraph Dubs Carla Bruni “The New Princess Diana”

Don’t you wish your First Lady was hot like me: Carla Bruni-Sarkozy‘s tour of Britain has the pundits tossing out superlatives. “Poised.” “Serene.

Tributes In Memory of Princess Diana 10 Years On

Certainly, there’s been no dearth of Princess Diana remembrances in recent days, but perusing the papers today, I’m surprised at the level of restraint. There’s been no attempt to mimic the ostentatious display of …