Princess Diana

Royal Roundup: Duchess of Cambridge and Jane Austen Are Cousins?

It seems that Kate Middleton has quite the family tree. We already know that she’s linked to American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, and now some new genealogy research reveals that she and Jane Austen are also related.

Royal Roundup: Kate Moss Raves About ‘Chic’ Bride Kate Middleton

She may be one of the most recognizable “Kates” out there, but English supermodel Kate Moss was one of the millions of giddy royal fans who watched the world’s most famous Kate — Kate Middleton — marry Prince …

Royal Roundup: William Reportedly Took Kate to Visit Diana’s Tomb

Kate and William paid an “emotional” visit to the tomb of Princess Diana, The Daily Mirror reports. William’s late mother is buried in a marble temple on a small island, known as “The Oval,” on the …

George Michael Offers Prince William a Song, 20 Years Late

We all have certain regrets in our lives, things we wish we could’ve done differently. For some it could be a harsh word to a dear friend or relative, to others, an opportunity missed or a trip down the wrong fork in the road.

What Polls Reveal About Britain’s Support for the Monarchy

The barrage of publicity surrounding Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s wedding has certainly raised the profile of the British royal family, but what does a reading of the public opinion poll tea leaves tell us about the …

WATCH: Cat Deeley Dons a Tiara, Remembers Charles & Di

OK, she’s not actually wearing the tiara while she’s remembering Charles and Diana. That might have been a touch over-the-top, no?

Technology Gives William & Kate the Upper Hand over the Press

For us dinosaurs roaming the Earth back in 1981, it’s hard to remember how much things have changed. When Prince Charles and Diana married, there was no Internet. No Facebook.

What William and Kate Can Learn from Royals Around the Globe

As Prince William and Kate Middleton look forward to life after the wedding, what lessons — good and bad — can they learn from other royal families around the globe? In the latest BBC America Modern Monarchy show, I’ve been …

Before Kate and Diana, An American Princess: Grace Kelly

When it comes to poised, polished commoners marrying into royalty, Kate Middleton‘s not the first to have every detail of her wedding reported upon breathlessly by the world’s press. Take Grace Kelly, the Hollywood  …

How Might Prince William Rule as King, with Kate as Queen?

Will Prince William and Kate Middleton usher in a more modern monarchy? BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt looks at how the eldest son of Prince Charles and grandson of Queen Elizabeth might reign.