‘Fleming': 10 Songs That Should Have Been James Bond Themes

The John Barry arrangement of Monty Norman’s “James Bond Theme” casts a very long shadow over popular culture. It’s not just there in the 23 songs that have been picked to represent each Bond movie as it comes …

Music Roundup: The Return of British Sea Power

In the last decade, British Sea Power has consistently out-witted indie rock’s shifty soundscape with their own quirky guitar-twisted blend of literature, history, and pop culture’s best bits. No one else does it like they …

Portishead’s Latest Album: Ten Years In the Making

It has taken Portishead ten years to complete their new album, Third, which comes out next month in the UK. “There were times when I thought – this is not going to happen,” guitarist Adrian Utley told BBC NEWS.

Anglo For Your Ear: Beth Gibbons’ “Mysteries”

Portishead lead singer Beth Gibbons released a solo album in 2002 with Rustin Man titled Out of Season. This ethereal ballad was the first track.