Piers Morgan

Five Great British Scolds

A scold is someone who enjoys pointing out other people’s failings, and normally those are the kind of people you’d want to keep at arm’s length. But in the crazy upside-left world of television, the scold has …

News Roundup: Celebrities Respond to the British Riots On Twitter

As the riots across London and elsewhere continue to dominate British news, our celebs have come out in force (well, on Twitter at any rate) to condemn the lootings.

News Roundup: Kate Moss to Pen Autobiography, Mark Ronson Honors Amy Winehouse, and David Beckham’s Fashion Plans

Now that we’re used to knowing what people in the public eye are thinking as soon as they think it, thanks to social media and the web, it seems curiously old-fashioned to realize that Kate Moss, one of the most famous women in …

News Roundup: Piers Morgan ‘Never Hacked Anyone’ and Keri Hilson Incurs Wrath of Winehouse Fans

Piers Morgan has been quick to publicly distance himself from any allegations of mobile phone hacking, dating from his time as the editor of the News of the World, and subsequently The Daily Mirror. However, two short years ago, when he …

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (Apr. 28): The Royal Wedding

All things royal are trending twee-mendously today.

Piers Morgan Calls Out Anti-Royal Wedding Fan Jerry Seinfeld

Hey, Jerry Seinfeld! Piers Morgan thinks you may have lost that lovin’ feeling.

Lily Allen And Piers Morgan’s ‘X Factor’ Row

First of all, an apology: we had no intention of running another X Factor judges story so soon after yesterday’s astonishing revelations. But this is rather good, so bear with us.

Today’s UK Twitter Trends (March 23): Elizabeth Taylor

Several topics related to the actress Elizabeth Taylor were trending today in the UK, as they were in the U.S.

Russell Brand’s Marriage Is A Voyage Of Discovery

Hey remember we said last week that Russell Brand was filming a long and involved interview with Piers Morgan for the new series of his ITV show Piers Morgan’s Life Stories? Well the filming’s all done now, and as you …

Piers Morgan Nabs Russell Brand

Piers Morgan can’t be devoting all of his time and attention to his CNN chat show, if recent reports about the special guests he’s got lined up for the British equivalent — Piers Morgan’s Life Stories — are …