Piers Morgan Tonight

Chelsea Handler Has On-Air Argument with Piers Morgan

Piers Morgan cannot get a break. It was recently announced that his CNN show, Piers Morgan Tonight, is coming to an end, but that didn’t stop E! TV personality Chelsea Handler from telling him how it is, reports USA Today.

WATCH: Preview Simon Cowell’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Interview

With the 10th season of American Idol currently underway, is it weird not seeing a scowling Simon Cowell offering his sharp-tongued opinions? He certainly doesn’t think so, and the 51-year-old British music mogul discusses that …

WATCH: Larry King Gets All ‘Brooklyn’ on Piers Morgan in CNN Faceoff

In spite of all of the coverage of Libya’s crisis, CNN still managed to air that Wrestlemania match between British host Piers Morgan and his primetime predecessor Larry King last night (February 23).

Piers Morgan to Face His Critic Larry King in Interview

Last week, Larry King, in the most polite of ways, slammed his CNN replacement, British journalist Piers Morgan, as “oversold” and perhaps more damningly, “not dangerous.” Now Piers has a chance to prove his …

WATCH: The Cast of ‘The King’s Speech’ on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

At last, Piers Morgan‘s long-awaited interview with the cast of the Oscar-nominated period film, The King’s Speech, finally aired on CNN on Thursday (February 17).

Larry King Offers Critique of His CNN Replacement, Piers Morgan

Larry King thinks that Piers Morgan, the British journalist who replaced him in CNN’s primetime lineup, is “a fine broadcaster” and “an acceptable host.” But he can’t leave it at that, it seems.

UPDATED: ‘King’s Speech’ Chat Gets New Air Date (Again) On ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

Piers Morgan Tonight‘s pre-taped interview with the cast of The King’s Speech was originally scheduled to air on January 28 and February 3. And now that things have somewhat settled down in Egypt, Piers Morgan announced via …

Uh Oh! Howard Stern Takes On Piers Morgan

Could Piers Morgan be getting a little too big for his britches? Howard Stern seems to think so.

WATCH: Ricky Gervais Chats Golden Globes, ‘The Office’ on ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’

British funnyman Ricky Gervais visited Piers Morgan Tonight on Thursday (January 20) to candidly discuss all the hoopla surrounding his “mean-spirited” Golden Globes hosting gig. “I’m not going to apologize for …