Philip Glenister

WATCH: Trailer for BBC One’s ‘Big School,’ with Catherine Tate and David Walliams

BBC One are gearing up for their latest major comedy launch this week, as school-based sitcom Big School makes its debut on Friday night. The show marks the return of Doctor Who‘s Catherine Tate to British comedy after the …

WATCH: David Walliams and Catherine Tate Star In ‘Big School’

Education, as is so often said, is the passport to the future. And in this case, the future holds six episodes of a new comedy show set in a British secondary school and starring David Walliams, Catherine Tate and a small, but …

Trendsetters Look to BBC Showcase for Next Big Thing

Brighton is a popular resort town on the southern coast of England, but it’s not exactly a place you might seek out in wet, windy late February. That is, unless you’re a fan of British television.

WATCH: Simm, Glenister, Warren, Beesley in Sexy ‘Mad Dogs’ Trailer

To whomever decided to put John Simm (Life On Mars, Doctor Who), Philip Glenister (Life On Mars, Demons), Marc Warren (Hustle), and Max Beesley (Hotel Babylon, Survivors) in a show together, God bless you. The four Anglophile faves star …

Video: BBC AMERICA Stars Featured in New TV Ad

A holiday TV advertisement for British department store Marks & Spencer features a veritable who’s who of BBC AMERICA talent. There’s AbFab‘s Jennifer Saunders and Joanna Lumley, Occupation‘s James Nesbitt, and …

Life on Mars Is Dead, Ashes To Ashes Rises: Watch Trailer

So ABC’s version of Life On Mars has been cancelled, canned, axed. Are you shocked? Good riddance, I say.

Ashes To Ashes Story Began In the Life On Mars Finale, Exec Producer Reveals

The story for Ashes To Ashes was being set up in the Life On Mars finale, reveals producer Jane Featherstone in today’s Independent. Ashes To Ashes opens “in modern-day London, where Alex Drake has been investigating the …

An Update On the Life On Mars 1980s Spin-Off: ‘More Miami Vice Than The Sweeney’

The Times has some info on the upcoming Life On Mars spin-off Ashes to Ashes. The 1980s will find Gene Hunt, played by Philip Glenister, coming up against Thatcherism and new policing practices.

Life On Mars Creators Developing New Show. Also: Pics From Simm and Glenister’s New Movie

Life On Mars creators Ashley Pharoah and Matthew Graham are developing a “sexy, accessible, and exciting” drama about archaeologists titled Bone Kickers.

John Simm and Philip Glenister Turn Down American Life On Mars

John Simm and Philip Glenister have turned down parts on David E. Kelley‘s American remake of Life On Mars. “They wanted us to have US accents,” Simm tells The Sun.