Peter Davison

WATCH: Steven Moffat And The Two Doctors

Y’know how, if you talk to a certain breed of Whovian about the delight of watching Doctor Who, and accidentally refer to the Doctor as “Doctor Who,” as if he’s the medical scion of an ancient Gallifreyan family …

‘Doctor Who': The Fury Of A Time Lord

There are two personality quirks that unite all eleven Doctors to date. One is that they all share a whimsical sense of humor (although some are less keen to display it than others), and the other is their respective tempers.

Life Outside The TARDIS: Peter Davison

There’s a thing that Peter Davison can do which very few actors manage quite as well, namely to look stressed in an appealingly brittle fashion. He can do other things, of course, as a brief glance down this list of his greatest …