Pete Doherty

Roundup: Kate Beckinsale Set for ‘Underworld’ Return

It looks like Kate Beckinsale just couldn't stay away from a world surrounded by vampires and werewolves, for the sultry Brit has signed on to portray vampire Selene in the fourth installment of the Underworld film series. …

Bigger Pop Music Trainwreck: George Michael or Pete Doherty?

David Furnish, partner of Sir Elton John, says friends have come to him expressing worries about George Michael‘s well-being: “They’re saying they’re concerned about his health, concerned about his state of …

Hugh Grant Assaults a Photographer, Again; Pete Doherty Arrested, Again

Hugh Grant kicked a paparazzo in the groin after leaving the Waverly Inn here in NYC. This bit of violence isn’t quite as innovative as his 2007 baked beans assault, but Hugh gets points for economy of expression.

Is That the Sound of Sting Sawing Off Pete Doherty’s Nether Regions?

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Is Hatred of Women Behind Amy Winehouse and Lily Allen’s Bad Press?

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Pete Doherty: Postcards From Prison

Pete Doherty says “Hi” from Wormwood Scrubs prison and sends a photo.(The Sun)

Teflon Pete Finally Sent To The Slammer

Pete Doherty has avoided jail time so often it’s become a running joke. Well, however, a London judge wasn’t laughing when he sentenced the singer to 14 months in jail for violating his parole.

Anglo For Your Ear: The Libertines’ “The Boy Looked At Johnny”

Not the best Libs song, but “The Boy Looked at Johnny” is probably the most fun with its pub singalong chorus (“La dee die, la dee die, la deedy). The ’77-esque abandon of this song surely inspired everyone from …

A “Shamed” Pete Doherty Admits He Relapsed

Pete Doherty has admitted his drug relapse, adding that “It was a stupid, stupid action for which I feel only shame.” An EMI spokesperson says that he “is now looking to check himself back into a rehab clinic,” …

Pete Doherty’s Back On the Smack, According To New Video

It’s disappointing but hardly surprising: The Sun has “recent” video, shot on a cell phone, allegedly depicting the “sober” Pete Doherty injecting heroin. According to the paper, the footage was …