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‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Doctor Are You?

This is the big one. We may have teased you in the past with such relative fripperies as How Would You Deal With An Alien Invasion?

Personality Quiz: How Would You Deal With An Alien Invasion?

There follows a brief message from the Global Human Underground, in light of the total and complete invasion of Earth by unnamed intruders over the past few hours. You may have missed it, but it definitely did happen.

Personality Quiz: Which Shakespearean Schemer Are You?

This post is brought to you by the Netflix original series House of Cards, starring two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey.

‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Companion Are You?

Before we get into the full glory of this exciting web feature, let’s clear one thing up: if the companion you feel most kinship with is missing from this quiz, we’re sorry. Clearly we couldn’t put all of the ...

Top Gear Personality Quiz: Are You Jeremy, Richard or James?

The thing you have to realise about the Anglophenia personality quizzes is they are an inexact science. So inexact, in fact, that if you made a car using the kind of sweeping generalisations in the place of precise measurement that we ...

Personality Quiz: Could You Survive as the Doctor’s Companion?

After the outstanding success of last week’s Merlin quiz, we are back to test your personalities to their very limits, and this time, it’s the Whovians that need to prove themselves.

(New) Personality Quiz: Are You Arthur, Merlin or Morgana?

We’ve all done it, watched a TV show, watched all the characters go about their business in their idiosyncratic way and wondered “who am I most like?” Am I a Carrie? A Ross? A Shrek?

Personality Quiz: How Daleky Are You?

It’s a worry most of us have to tackle in our lives. What with the spiralling pressures of modern life, the drive towards technological answers to non-technological problems and a marked decline in common courtesy, are we in ...

Personality Quiz: Are You Rock, Paper or Scissors?

In the popular game Rock-Paper-Scissors, people take on the characteristics of either paper, a rock or a pair of scissors in order to beat an opponent (or opponents) and win a point (or points). But can this this seemingly frivolous ...