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Personality Quiz: Which Famous British ‘Sir’ Are You?

People get knighthoods for all sorts of reasons: winning wars, running economies, making charities happen, but in showbusiness it seems you need to be a certain type of performer to achieve this most highly-ranked of accolades.

Personality Quiz: How Sarcastic Are You?

For years, Brits have stereotypically defined their sense of humor against that of people in the U.S. by smugly stating that Americans don’t ‘get’ irony.

Personality Quiz: How Would You Die In Victorian England?

This Saturday night, the Victorian crime drama Ripper Street makes a welcome return to BBC AMERICA, with people meeting their ends in all manner of unpleasant and gory ways.

Personality Quiz: Which British Villain Are You?

The Brits are famous (nay infamous) for playing baddies on TV shows and in the movies. That deadly combination of lethal intelligence, no compassion and the egotistical need to monologue when you have the good guy handcuffed to a chair …

‘Fleming’ Personality Quiz: Which James Bond Are You?

While lots of people fancy themselves as a bit of a Bond, there are subtle shades of personality in each movie depiction of 007, enough to represent a broad selection of humanity. But the question is, which one are you?

Personality Quiz: Which Beatle Are You?

Imagine what it must have been like to meet the Beatles in 1964, as they came to America for the first time. You’d have been some hardened showbiz hack, confused by the sudden arrival of four young men with identical haircuts and …

Personality Quiz: Which British City Should You Move To?

Britain is, of course, blessed with many fine cities, from Truro in the south and west all the way up to Inverness in the north and east, but if we had to pick five, and then insist that you take a quiz to determine which one you should …

‘Doctor Who’ Personality Quiz: Which Doctor Are You?

This is the big one. We may have teased you in the past with such relative fripperies as How Would You Deal With An Alien Invasion?, Which Companion Are You?

Personality Quiz: How Would You Deal With An Alien Invasion?

There follows a brief message from the Global Human Underground, in light of the total and complete invasion of Earth by unnamed intruders over the past few hours. You may have missed it, but it definitely did happen.

Personality Quiz: Which Shakespearean Schemer Are You?

This post is brought to you by the Netflix original series House of Cards, starring two-time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey.