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5 Vintage British Things That Made a Comeback

Just for the sake of variety, let’s take Doctor Who and Sherlock Holmes as read, and see what else we can find, shall we?

Five British Music Stars That Should Be Knighted

There are few things less attractive than whining, especially from people who are doing pretty well for themselves. It’s ungrateful, it’s bratty and it never, ever arrives with the same righteous fury that it had when …

The Brit List: Summer of London – 10 Great London Songs

“The Lambeth Walk”

Noel Gallagher’s Guide To The Perfect Cup Of Tea

In many ways, the story you are about to read constitutes the perfect Anglophenia moment. What we’ve got is a prominent British musician explaining a crucial part of his daily routine, one which is familiar to millions of British …

‘Inbetweeners’ Star James Buckley to Collaborate with Ocean Colour Scene’s Steve Cradock?

James Buckley may be best known for portraying the sarcastic and sex-obsessed Jay Cartwright on BBC America’s The Inbetweeners, but the 23-year-old actor is also a budding musician. As a massive fan of Britpop, Buckley played …

Simon Cowell Slams Paul Weller Over ‘X Factor’ Criticism

Simon Cowell has slammed former Jam frontman Paul Weller for calling TV talent programs like Cowell’s X Factor as “very cheap programming and the lowest common denominator stuff,” NME reports.

The Tellyvangelist: Nov. 1-7

In this week’s Tellyvangelist – your weekly guide to all that’s British on U.S.

Paul Weller Disses Morrissey In Print

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Anglo For Your Ear: The Jam’s “Beat Surrender”

This was No. 1 in the UK 25 years ago.

Anglo For Your Ear: Paul Weller’s “Wild Wood”

A lilting acoustic number, it’s the one Paul Weller solo record that many fans rate as highly as his work with The Jam. It hit No.