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For Sale: One Pair Of Leather Trousers Owned By Sir Paul McCartney

Let’s take a quick poll:

Who wants to buy a pair of leather trousers? OK, now of the people who just said yes, who wants to buy a pair of leather trousers that are over 50 years old, and have been worn by two previous owners?

Happy 50th Birthday, ‘Love Me Do’

Clearly there was something in the water on the 5th of October 1962, not one but two globeshaking British cultural institutions, the kind of worldwide brands that came to define how the nation was perceived from the outside and the ...

WATCH: Sir Paul McCartney, Motown’s Berry Gordy Playing Piano Together

If you have the slightest knowledge of pop music history, you know this is epic: Beatles legend Sir Paul McCartney and Motown founder Berry Gordy, Jr. thumping a piano together, dashing off an impromptu performance of Barret ...

The London Games Opening Ceremony: Recap

Note: please don’t read this unless you’re sure you don’t want to see the opening ceremony in full, we’d hate to ruin the surprises in store.

The Night the Music Died: Plug Pulled on Historic Paul McCartney/Bruce Springsteen Appearance

Perhaps Paul McCartney should be used to having the plug pulled on his concerts by now. After all, the Beatles’ last public appearance, captured in the movie Let It Be, was a 1969 rooftop performance that was shut down by police who ...

Recap: The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Concert

On Monday night (June 4), London’s Buckingham Palace morphed into a pop venue as some of the most famous names in music performed for the Diamond Jubilee, marking 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign.

Who Is Paul McCartney?

Last night, the Grammy awards threw up not one, not two but THREE threads of total Twitter insanity, coming largely from the internal monologues of people who haven’t really been paying attention at the university of life.

It Was 48 Years Ago Today…

Beatles anniversaries are never too far away, given the amount of very, very noteworthy things the band achieved in such a short time, but it’s always worth stopping  for ten minutes or so to look once again at the footage of ...

Paul McCartney Is Back And Making Mischief

Sir Paul McCartney has a new album out next week, in which he pays tribute to the masters of romantic songwriting from the era before his own, with a little help from such friends as Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder and Diana Krall. But ...

News Roundup: Celebrities Respond to the British Riots On Twitter

As the riots across London and elsewhere continue to dominate British news, our celebs have come out in force (well, on Twitter at any rate) to condemn the lootings.