Patrick Wolf

Music Roundup: The Quizzical Brilliance of Fujiya & Miyagi

Brighton, England’s Fujiya & Miyagi return with their first album in three years with Ventriloquizzing. It’s another fascinating trip inside the foursome’s eccentric electronic sonicsphere, but this time they joined ...

Patrick Wolf Slams Mika? Also: Amy Winehouse’s Live Show a Shambles

Patrick Wolf, who supported Mika at London’s Somerset House, calls the “Grace Kelly” singer a “twat.” Of course, in this celebrity catfight, I’m on Team Wolf all the way.

Patrick Wolf Vents On His Website, Declares Touring Career Over

Our man Patrick Wolf seems to have lost the plot a bit: he says he’ll perform his final concert in November. Wolf recently fired his drummer, whose on-tour drug problem has wreaked havoc on Wolf’s live shows.