Patrick Wolf

Music Roundup: The Quizzical Brilliance of Fujiya & Miyagi

Brighton, England’s Fujiya & Miyagi return with their first album in three years with Ventriloquizzing. It’s another fascinating trip inside the foursome’s eccentric electronic sonicsphere, but this time they joined …

Patrick Wolf Slams Mika? Also: Amy Winehouse’s Live Show a Shambles

Patrick Wolf, who supported Mika at London’s Somerset House, calls the “Grace Kelly” singer a “twat.” Of course, in this celebrity catfight, I’m on Team Wolf all the way.

Patrick Wolf Vents On His Website, Declares Touring Career Over

Our man Patrick Wolf seems to have lost the plot a bit: he says he’ll perform his final concert in November. Wolf recently fired his drummer, whose on-tour drug problem has wreaked havoc on Wolf’s live shows.