Paris Hilton

Greatest ‘Doctor Who’ References In Popular Culture: Asides

If you work in a creative industry, and you happen to be Whovian in your tastes, chances are some of that reality is going to come out in your work. This is equally true of cake bakers as it is of people who make television programs and …

Prince Harry Turns Down One Night in Paris?

Paris Hilton tried to land Prince Harry at a swanky London club, and Big Ginger wasn’t havin’ it: “Harry clearly didn’t want to speak to her but she did a sexy dance in front of him and he finally stood up to …

Jack Osbourne Shagged Paris Hilton, Say Proud Parents Ozzy and Sharon

In an interview with The Sun, Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne proudly (!) revealed that son Jack Osbourne did the Dirty Dirty with our favorite inmate, Paris Hilton.