P. Diddy

WATCH: P. Diddy Joins Cast of ‘Downton Abbey’ in Spoof

The Downton Abbey spoofs just keep coming. The latest, which is totally NSFW, stars P. Diddy (aka Puff Daddy and Sean Combs), the rapper-music business mogul-actor.

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Has Moved in With William and Kate

Three’s apparently not a crowd for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge when their new housemate is Will’s little brother Harry – and the share is a palace.

Sienna Miller Diddling Diddy? Also: Kate Moss Tells Pete Doherty To Shove Off

Innuendo about P. Diddy‘s relationship with actress Sienna Miller has reached a fever pitch today, as Page Six is now reporting that Sean Combs’ long-time partner and “baby mama,” Kim Porter, has moved out of …