WATCH: ‘Les Miserables’ Director Tom Hooper on Fictionalizing in Reality-Based Films

British director Tom Hooper — who was snubbed by the Academy last week when it chose not to give him a Best Director Oscar nomination for Les Misrables — has willingly weighed in over whether or not feature filmmakers …

Daniel Day-Lewis: ‘Downton Abbey’ is ‘Why I Left England’

Nearly eight million viewers tuned into PBS on Sunday night to see the premiere of Downton Abbey’s third season, but Oscar nominee Daniel Day-Lewis wasn’t one of them.

Oscar Nominations: ‘Skyfall,’ Rachel Weisz Among the Many UK Snubs

Every year, the Oscars provide us with a few jaw-collapsing snubs amongst the predictable, safe nominees.

WATCH: Rachel Weisz Surprised at Her U.S. Awards Season Momentum

British actress Rachel Weisz says she has no idea why her portrayal in the film The Deep Blue Sea has brought her significant awards recognition in the U.S. after having had a relatively modest impact in the U.K.

James Bond to Get Oscar Salute

Don’t be surprised while watching the Oscars telecast on February 24 to hear one of the featured celebrity guests introduce himself as “Bond. James Bond.”

The Brit List: 10 British Actors and Actresses Who Could Get Oscar Nominations

Every year right about this time, handicapping for the Oscars begins. Who will be nominated for an Academy Award? Who will win?

‘Surprise’ Premiere of ‘Lincoln’ Generates Oscar Buzz

It wasn’t even four score and seven minutes after a New York Film Festival sneak preview of Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln last night (October 8) that movie industry media started handicapping the film’s Academy Award prospects.

Oscar Roundup: The Brits Get Bupkis?

As expected, Britain didn’t fare very well at last night’s Oscars.

WATCH: British Actors Play Down Benefits of Winning Oscars

The conventional wisdom is that winning an Academy Award is Hollywood’s highest accolade, bringing glory and lifelong dividends to recipients. But if you listen to some Brits who’ve earned an Oscar, it really doesn’t make that …

Interview: Christopher Plummer on the Oscars

Christopher Plummer — widely seen as the frontrunner to pick up the Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his role in Beginners — maintains Academy Award recognition has to be put in perspective.