Orlando Bloom

The Brit List: Five British Actors Who Donned Togas Before ‘Titans’ Clashed

Wrath of the Titans isn’t the first, and certainly won’t be the last, sword and sandals movie to be stuffed to bursting with toga-wearing Brits.

News Roundup: Kate Winslet Battles ‘A Wall Of Fire’

Kate Winslet has revealed exactly what happened on the night of the fire at Richard Branson’s house, and who were the real heroes.

News Roundup: Get Ready to Tour Hogwarts, and Radiohead Sets ‘SNL’ Date

Harry Potter fans, do you fancy a stroll around Hogwarts? You DO? Well you may be in luck.

WATCH: Can Colin Firth Do A Decent Southern Accent?

This is the trailer for Colin Firth’s new movie Main Street, in which he plays a southern businessman looking to transform the town of Durham, North Carolina, which is struggling to keep going in the face of massive economic …

News Roundup: Daniel Craig Hates Facebook and Twitter, James Corden’s Baby Anxiety, and Jay-Z Hearts Elbow

For all that his character James Bond is adept with modern technology, you won’t see Daniel Craig settling down with an iPad to put his innermost feelings on social networking sites. He’s not a fan: “I am bloody not …

News Roundup: Piers Morgan ‘Never Hacked Anyone’ and Keri Hilson Incurs Wrath of Winehouse Fans

Piers Morgan has been quick to publicly distance himself from any allegations of mobile phone hacking, dating from his time as the editor of the News of the World, and subsequently The Daily Mirror. However, two short years ago, when he …

News From Middle Earth: ‘Hobbit’ Film Titles, Dates Revealed

When it comes to The Hobbit, we can barely contain our excitement. How about you? Martin Freeman‘s recent mention that Benedict Cumberbatch will be a part of the star-studded cast still has us doing the happy dance.

His Career on an Upswing, Orlando Bloom Teases ‘Hobbit’ Involvement

Orlando Bloom is talking as if he’s been fully cast as the elf Legolas in the two-part Hobbit movie currently being shot in New Zealand — but he still won’t officially confirm his involvement.

‘Lord of the Rings’ Gang Reuniting For ‘The Hobbit’

If you want to know why Sir Ian McKellen is trending on Twitter, the man’s not dead. And clearly, his career isn’t either: according to The Hollywood Reporter, the star has officially signed on to reprise his Lord of the …

Orlando Bloom Involved in L.A. Car Wreck – And Walks Away?

Orlando Bloom was involved in a car accident. His pretty face was left unscarred, but two passengers in his car were injured. And to add insult to their injures, X17Online.