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WATCH: David Oyelowo on Working Opposite Oprah in ‘The Butler’

British actor David Oyelowo is extremely convincing playing the rebellious son determined to fight for racial equality in the new drama Lee Daniels’ The Butler out on Friday (August 16).

Royal Roundup: Prince Harry Says the Queen Needs Prince Philip at Her Side


Five Great American Things The British Ruined

The exchange of ideas between our two proud nations over the last fifty or so years has been a wondrous thing to behold. Our leaders may talk of the “special relationship” between American and Britain in strictly political …

Hats Off To Oprah: Five British Celebrity Farewells

Inspired by the way Oprah Winfrey is handling the winding down and eventual end of her TV show (i.e. with all of the attendant pomp and ceremony that she deserves), here are five British goodbyes which left the nation reeling...

No More Harry Potters For Daniel Radcliffe

As George Lucas will (probably not) tell you, the key to a successful franchise is to know when to stop. With the Harry Potter books, J.K.

‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Debuts On CNN with Oprah Winfrey

British media personality Piers Morgan officially made his CNN debut on Monday (January 17), stepping into Larry King‘s previous slot with Piers Morgan Tonight. For those who missed it, the former America’s Got Talent host …

Oprah Winfrey Warns Sarah Ferguson to Watch Her Spending

American chat show queen Oprah Winfrey is pointing her finger at Sarah Ferguson for her dodgy spending habits.