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British Good Friday Traditions: Pace-Egging, Toss Pot and St. George

Having made an attempt to round up several of the more unorthodox Easter traditions of the British Isles earlier in the week, here’s one that we’ve saved for a more in-depth analysis, not least because it will be being ...

Five British Easter Traditions That Will Surprise Americans

Tradition is the simple matter of doing something once because it’s the right thing to do, and then doing it again (and again) for no good reason at all. And traditions that have withstood the warping effects of hundreds of ...

Reinforce Your Credulity Glands For An April Fool’s Day Roundup

Today, as we all know, is March 32nd. HAHA! April FOOL! You should see your face! Priceless!

No, but seriously it’s April 1st. All over the internet, trusted news providers have taken a moment to come up with a hoax story or two for April Fool’s Day.

Fill In The Blanks With Benedict Colorbatch

It’s a wonderful time to be alive, isn’t it? Spring is starting to happen, there are quality TV shows and movies being made all the time, starring some of the finest actors and actresses in the world, books are being ...

London’s First Cat Café Opens

If you’re a busy commuter, with a job that demands a lot and leaves no time to look after a pet, you’ll have probably felt the sad ache of realisation that the stress-relieving, cuddly joys of stroking a cat while sipping a ...

Idris Elba Creates a Global Man Panic

Men, it is time to put down your secret shame. Today we stand as one proud gender and leave behind the hobbling weight of public expectation that sees Idris Elba venerated as the finest example of masculinity that could ever walk the ...

LOOK: Massive Hedgehog Invades London

Warning: some of the images attached to this news story may be disturbing (if you have a fear of outsized mammals, or spikes).

Is The Loch Ness Monster Dead?


There are a fair few fantastic stories of mythical beasts in the British Isles, and Nessie is justifiably the most famous. There have been more sightings of what appears to be a long-forgotten plesiosaur in the waters of Loch Ness than ...

WATCH: Marc Almond And The Floppy Disco Orchestra Presents ‘Tainted Love’

This might be the most internetty video you’ll ever see that does not feature cats or babies.

Devon Man Rides Colossal Wave On Purpose

I love the smell of blimey! in the morning. It smells of… wait, what?

Look at this video clip. It shows a mad man from Devon deliberately going out into the kind of sea most people would think of as being unfriendly, and riding a plank back to shore.