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5 Great British Sprites For Fairy Day

I know! Hasn’t time just flown by since last year’s Fairy Day celebrations?

British Family Beats Genetic Odds

Briton Melanie Gwynne, 36, has given birth to twin girls, the fourth set in four generations in a row, ultimately beating the odds of four billion to one, based on estimates from the Journal of Forensic Sciences.

A British Animal Sanctuary Discovers All 100 Female Guinea Pigs Impregnated

A male guinea pig at Hatton Country World in Warwickshire, England, was mistakenly placed in the female pen and he made use of his time, impregnating all 100 female guinea pigs, reports Huffington Post U.K.

U.K. Twitter Scavenger Hunt Leads to Cash-Filled Envelopes

Is it just me, or does finding a lone bill on the street really add a spring into your step, leaving you to think, “Today is going to be a good day.” Of course, this is after scanning the area for the money’s owner.

WATCH: British Man Leads a Train Sing-Along

This clip is a divine meeting of opportunity and circumstance. Under all normally understood British rules of train etiquette, a shouty man getting up in a train carriage and demanding a sing-song, and then putting on the ...

From “Monkey Hangers” to “Spireites”: Affectionate Nicknames for British Townspeople

Every town has its own story, its own sports team and a cute nickname for its own citizens. Sometimes these are little more than a twist on the name of the town itself—Mancunians, Bristolians, Dundonians—and sometimes there are ...

Should America Adopt the Metric System? A Brit’s Take

This is not going to put to bed any age old arguments about the slow erosion of cultural identity that comes with abandoning the old ways and taking on newfangled ideas. Those arguments will rumble on anyway, simply because—as with ...

WATCH: Traffic Stops For Bristol’s 300 Foot ‘Park & Slide’

Did you have a nice weekend? Get up to anything particularly fun? Well, whatever you did, I bet it’s not going to be as good as hurtling down a 300 foot water slide on a busy street in the middle of Bristol.

Stonehenge is Part of the Longest British Settlement

Here’s a bit of genuinely twisty time travel that may give you historical vertigo.

Stonehenge, the most iconic set of neolithic standing stones in the world, was built around 5,000 years ago. But a new series of archeological finds have confirmed that the stones were positioned where they are, in the middle of ...

May Day: The Hills Are Alight With the Fire of Beltane

In the ancient Celtic societies of Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Cornwall (and indeed all across Europe) May Day—known as Beltane—was the first day of summer. It’s part of a binary calendar that is largely concerned with ...