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10 Extremely British Baby Names for Girls

Not that we’re trying to influence world events or anything, but should anyone extremely British be on the lookout for suitable names for a female baby any time soon – can’t think of any examples off the top of my head, ...

DON’T WATCH: British Man Films Himself Hanging One-Handed From A Crane

OK, if you’re going to come along with us on this particular viral ride, can I ask you to schedule your viewing so that it does not occur during an immediate post-mealtime moment in your day? And in fact, if you’re at all ...

What Do You Do When You Find A Bomb In The Garden? Wash It.

Remember the other day we were talking about the expression normal for Norfolk, as it’s one of those rural areas that carries a legend of strange events and bizarre happenstance? Well this news story plays right into that ...

June 4: British Independence Day

Note: the following is a modest proposal for the British people, from a concerned admirer.

The fourth of June may not have the same ring to it as the celebration that takes place exactly a month from now, and given the values and struggle that Independence Day signifies in the American consciousness, this is only right and ...

Five British Things You Must Do on May Day

The first of May is a date that has had many different connotations and celebrations down through the years, dating back to Roman times and probably (given that the calendar will have been different at the time) beyond. There’s ...

British Boxer Takes A Hands-On Approach To Twitter Troll

Be warned, this is a tale that contains salty language between men. Men who are facing off against one another in combat in the most fearsome combat arena known to humankind: Twitter.

Eddie Izzard For London Mayor?

The trouble with talking to comedians on chat shows about their future plans comes when you have to try and work out if they’re kidding or not. They might be talking about anything from taking a serious role in a new movie to ...

For Vanessa-Mae, It’s All Downhill From Here

Remember Vanessa-Mae? Oh you do!

WATCH: Young Man Hand-Farts ‘The Cave’ By Mumford And Sons

No need for much in the way of preamble for this delightful little clip. For once, the headline encapsulates exactly what is going on.

Cadbury Invents Unmeltable Chocolate

Well now, here’s a thing I bet no one ever thought they needed. A bar of chocolate that, no matter how hot they may be, will not melt in your hands.