#newtoWHO: Vulture Recapper Ross Ruediger’s First ‘Doctor Who’ Experience

1. Who introduced you to the show?

It wasn’t a who, but rather a what, and that’s Starlog magazine, which, long before folks bookmarked their favorites or shut down their browsers, was the go-to resource for sci-fi TV and movie fans. Issue #36 from July 1980 (the …

#newtoWHO: Author Joe Nazzaro on His First ‘Doctor Who’ Experience

Joe Nazzaro says he owes his career to Doctor Who. A professional journalist for more than two decades, Nazzaro began doing interviews for his local Who fan club before making his first sale to Doctor Who Magazine in the late …

Arnold T. Blumberg: If You’re #newtoWHO, Start With Modern Series

We continue our #newtoWHO series with Arnold T. Blumberg (@arnoldtblumberg), a prolific author, educator, book designer, and Doctor Who DVD reviewer for IGN.

‘Merrick’ from Ain’t It Cool News: ‘Doctor Who’ Has Changed My Life

Glen Oliver (@GlenOliverAICN), a.k.a.

Congrats to Our ‘Doctor Who’ Destination #newtoWHO Winner!

Congrats to our fourth and final iTunes giveaway winner Holly. Her response to this week’s Doctor Who question was selected by our expert judges as this week’s top choice.

Doctor Who Online’s Sebastian J. Brook Shares #newtoWHO Story

In the world of Doctor Who superfans, 32-year-old Sebastian J. Brook would sit somewhere in the top one percent. He currently reigns as editor of Doctor Who Online, which he began as a mere 16-year-old fan in Surrey, England.

#NewToWho: How I Discovered ‘Doctor Who,’ Time Travel And Sofa Picnics

The appearance of Matt Smith on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly will probably introduce a lot of people to Doctor Who for the first time. And that’s quite a heady thought, imagining someone settling down to a …