The British Are Invading (Again) And This Time They Want Their Language Back

Thanks largely to the influence of TV, music, cinema and now the internet, the general assumption among a certain (and rather huffy) segment of the British population is that the English language is becoming swamped with Americanisms, …

Scotland Solves The Fuel Crisis With Whisky

Scotch whisky can do many things: it can make a man (or woman) foolhardy, it can make them brave, it can make them drunk and it can make them appear wise. But until now, it hadn’t been used as a source of fuel.

Never Mind The London Eye, Here’s The London Nose

Londoners have had to put up with many strange sights over the past few weeks: flying cyclists with angel wings, people doing the Mo Farah M hand-signal, the Spice Girls, but this one takes the cake. A massive nose appeared on the …

Lily Allen: Pregnant Again?

Despite looking for all the world as if she has taken a step back from showbiz in order to raise her daughter Ethel, Lily Allen (or, to give her married name, Lily Cooper), has actually been incredibly busy of late.

WATCH: Emily Mortimer Holding Forth on the News

(AP) Aaron Sorkin, Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer, Alan Poul at premiere. Emily Mortimer, who stars in HBO’s just premiered The Newsroom, has been giving her own views on the Fourth Estate.

My Other Car Is A Garage Door…

Hey, we’re all aware of the global situation, we know times are tough. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have dreams.

Robin Gibb: Sung Awake By Brother Barry

Well it wasn’t looking good for a while there. A week ago, the Bee Gees singer Robin Gibb had slipped into a coma while undergoing treatment for cancer of the bowel and liver.

Would You Like To Ride In A Lickable Elevator?

Remember a short while ago we were talking about Jaffa Cakes, and there was the video Dominic Wilcox made where he created works of art by nibbling the little cookie-cakey-biscuity things into interesting shapes?

So You Think You Know The British?

Procrastination fans! It’s time to play a devilishly simple game that will simply eat up those ‘spare’ minutes before your next job.

Daily Telegraph Accidentally Insults Entire Royal Family

It should be a fundamental law of newspapers, if you’re going to run a story with a headline about witches, you should check there isn’t a photograph of three women nearby that could cause hilarity and confusion. Three is …