New Order

Ecstatic Reviews for Ian Curtis Biopic, Control

Five – count ‘em – five big stars for Control (watch trailer) from The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw, who calls it the film of the year and adds, “What a fantastic film this is. [Director Anton] Corbijn …

Anglo For Your Ear: Monaco’s “What Do You Want From Me”

Not satisfied with my posting of The Beloved‘s “Sweet Harmony”, my dear friend Jorge told me, “Put up the Sha-la-la-lalala song or I’ll hurt you real bad.” Given that my friend is 6-foot-6, 260 …

Tony Wilson, Founder of Factory Records, Died On Friday

While Americans grieve the loss of Merv Griffin, the folks across the pond are mourning an icon of their own: Factory Records founder Tony Wilson died of cancer on Friday. He was 57 years old.

Peter Hook Hits Back at New Order Bandmates, Vows Court Battle

Good Lord, the row between bassist Peter Hook and former (current?) New Order bandmates Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris has gotten nasty in a very public way.

New Order Has Not Split, Say Bernard Sumner and Stephen Morris

Oh, drama: back in May, New Order bassist Peter Hook announced that the band had broken up. Now, it appears he was simply running off at the mouth.

Peter Hook Recalls “Tetchy” New Order Reunion at Cannes

Music fans were devastated when New Order announced their split a month ago. However, just days after the break-up, Peter Hook, Bernard Sumner, and Stephen Morris were all in Cannes together, screening the Ian Curtis biopic, …

Manic Street Preachers Hold the Pulpit

Gotta love the Manic Street Preachers. Their album Everything Must Go was on frequent rotation for me in college; it was everything I wanted in a record – anthemic, distressed, political, transcendent, big.