The Saturdays: Always Ready For The Weekend

This is a post from Anglophenia contributor Lindsay Davis, bringing you some of the hottest tunes from across the pond.

An American’s Guide to Glastonbury

by Lindsay Davis

Please welcome Lindsay Davis to the ever-growing roster of Anglophenia contributors. Lindsay will be helping me cover the world of British music, starting this week with a post about the Glastonbury music festival in the UK.

The Top 50 British Songs of 2009

2009 was a great year for British music, although much of it went unnoticed by the U.S.

Kowalski: On the convenient bus to easy street

While Anglophenia head blogger Kevin is on vacation for the holidays, our resident Belfast native Michael Cree decided to step in and write about the music from his hometown. And he’s letting you in on one of Northern …

Songs British People Like: From The Enemy to Lily Allen

What kinds of music are the Brits into right now? Well, if you listen to BBC Radio 1, you’ll hear a lot of the same songs you’d hear on American radio – Flo Rida‘s “Right Round,” Taylor Swift‘s …

The Top 50 British Tracks of 2008

You Brits Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves: Kid Rock No. 1 in the UK

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John Lennon, Kate Bush, Moz/Marr Are Best British Songwriters

Clearly, The Daily Telegraph continues to get mileage out of its “50 best” series, and today, they are doing the 50 Best British Songwriters. And, by Jove, I think they get it mostly right.

Sexy Gerald Butler Leaves The Booze Behind

Gerald Butler‘s partying days are behind him. The openly Scottish actor has quit drinking, he tells The Glasgow Daily Record: “I have done a lot of partying in my life. Now, I don’t drink anymore.

The Duffster Still Rules in the UK

Just a head’s up, folks: Anglophenia is on jury duty this week. Thus, you can expect lighter posting.