Mumford and Sons

WATCH: Young Man Hand-Farts ‘The Cave’ By Mumford And Sons

No need for much in the way of preamble for this delightful little clip. For once, the headline encapsulates exactly what is going on.

Mumford and Sons Lead Grammy Field; One Direction Snubbed

The Grammy nominations came out last night, and once again, our British brothers and sisters are in the mix for top awards. Clearly, Adele‘s 2012 coronation as the English Queen of the Grammys was a one-off; she astonishingly took …

The Brit List: Five Recent British Hits, Covered By YouTubers

Last week I had a bit of a moment getting grumpy about the gentrification of pop music, with particular reference to deliberately minimal and maudlin cover versions of old hits for the sake of advertisers. But that doesn’t mean …

Idris Elba Directs And Stars In The New Mumford Video

I know, this could not be more like a special Anglophenia mash-up if it starred a Dalek drinking a martini (shaken by Sherlock) at the court of Camelot.

WATCH: Trailer For Mumford and Sons Tour Movie ‘Road To Red Rocks’

Look out of your window, check your calendars, whatever the weather, howsoever the seasons turn, you can bet your life on one thing, if there’s a y in the day, Mumford and Sons are on tour.

It’s Official: Mumford And Sons Are Bigger Than Bieber

So, over here in the UK, “Babel” by Mumford and Sons, their second album, has become the fastest-selling album of the year so far. This we could have expected, given the ravenous appetite that exists over here for their …

Listen: New Mumford And Sons Song ‘I Will Wait’

I tell you what, if you’ve been caning the Mumford and Sons album “Sigh No More,” and have sort of worn out all of its surprises, but don’t want the band to come back with startlingly fresh new material which …

Mumford and Sons Announce New Album ‘Babel’

Ah, finally some concrete information emerges!

After confusing fans with their recent teaser trailer, Mumford and Sons have finally announced proper details of their second album, which will be called “Babel,” and is coming out on September 24, although you can …

And What Is THIS Supposed To Mean, Mumford and Sons?

Question: what are Mumford and Sons famous for? Is it the rejuvenation of the waistcoat as a male fashion choice? (I believe they’re known as vests in the U.

Mumford And Sons Reveal Second Album Plans And Jam With The Boss

If you’re a recent convert to the joys of Mumford and Sons and can’t wait to hear what else they can do, you’re in luck. The band have revealed – from the stage at the Pinkpop festival in Holland – that their …