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And Now For Something Incompletely Different…

Amid the spiralling attentiornado around a certain other British TV show of the past (and future), we bring news of a classic comedy comeback, of sorts.

WATCH: How Modern Movie Trailers Would Market Monty Python’s ‘Holy Grail’

This is a delight on two levels.

One: It’s a reswizzled trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail made by Stéphane Bouley, and using all of the most common tricks trailermakers use to try and add booming gravitas to every tiny moment in a film. So it has the ...

RIP Alan Whicker: Legend Of British TV

Preparing to write about someone whose face and voice is an integral part of your life to date, to an audience that may be entirely unaware of their existence, is a curious sensation. It’s hard to pull the words together to sum up ...

More Busy Benedict News: He’s In The New Monty Python Film

OK, so there isn’t really a new Monty Python film per se, but it’s pretty close to being one, and it looks like the purpetually busy Benedict will be its star.

Former Python John Cleese to Write Autobiography

It’s reason enough to buy a Kindle. John Cleese, the British funnyman who was a founding member of the Monty Python comedy group, starred in the Britcom Fawlty Towers (1975-79) and in the film A Fish Called Wanda (1988), has signed to ...

Watch: Trailer For Insane Graham Chapman/Monty Python Biopic ‘A Liar’s Autobiography’

OK, so here’s the deal. It’s a film called A Liar’s Autobiography, based on the autobiography written by Graham Chapman (liar, and member of the Monty Python team).

Monty Python: Still ‘Completely Different’ After All These Years

Break out the bubbly because there’s an important anniversary to mark. Forty years ago today (August 22), Monty Python first reached American shores.

WATCH: Clips From The BBC’s Astonishing ‘Monty Python’ Drama

I’m writing this in a bit of a tizzy. Tonight, the BBC are airing Holy Flying Circus, an imaginative dramatisation of the battle the Monty Python team had in getting the Life Of Brian made and distributed, a battle which ...

Five British Things from New York Comic Con

Now that it’s all over but the blogging, here’s a quick look at five items with British angles from this weekend’s Comic Con in New York City.

New Animated Graham Chapman Biopic Announced, And Yes, It’s Silly

The history of the Monty Python team is currently undergoing a very thorough excavation for dramatic purposes, as there are not one but two dramatic re-enactments of their working lives in production. BBC Four have commissioned the Life ...