Brit Binge Watching: Five British Shows That Have Been Remade in the U.S. You Can View Online

With BBC’s Mistresses making its way to ABC on Monday, June 3, it made us think people may want to catch up on the original show. As well, take a peek at other British shows — that have been remade in the U.S.

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From ‘Fringe’ to ‘Smash': How ‘Mistresses’ Have Invaded U.S. TV

The talented ladies (and men) of Mistresses most certainly get around. From Fringe to the upcoming musical drama Smash, you’ll find these stars in some very familiar places on your TV dial.

Mistresses Star Orla Brady: Foxy, Fabulous, and Almost Fifty

Did Mistresses star Orla Brady (Siobhan) make a pact with the Devil? Her birthdate is listed as March 28, 1961 on IMDB, but if someone told me she was 34 or 35, I’d not even think to question them.