Mick Jagger

News Roundup: Hugh Grant And JK Rowling Tackle Phone-Hacking

Hugh Grant has already proved himself to be something of a have-a-go hero in the phone-tapping scandal which overwhelmed UK tabloid journalism.

News Roundup: Piers Morgan ‘Never Hacked Anyone’ and Keri Hilson Incurs Wrath of Winehouse Fans

Piers Morgan has been quick to publicly distance himself from any allegations of mobile phone hacking, dating from his time as the editor of the News of the World, and subsequently The Daily Mirror. However, two short years ago, when he …

The Wit And Wisdom Of Ozzy Osbourne

Rolling Sex Beatles For The Olympics?

Some news stories contain such a heady mix of excitement, horror and wishful thinking, no one is entirely sure how best to react: this next item is a perfect example.

2011 Grammy Recap: Muse Triumphs, Florence and Mumford Miss Out

Sunday night’s (February 13) telecast of the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, was one of the most random ceremonies in recent years. But isn’t that why we watch year after year?

Mick Jagger to Make His Grammy Performance Debut

Mick Jagger is set to perform at the upcoming Grammy Awards for the very first time. According to a CBS press release, the Rolling Stones frontman will be joined by Grammy-nominated vocalist Raphael Saadiq to honor the late soul legend …

Jerry Hall’s Vajayjay and Morrissey’s Bum: The Gratuitous Middle-Aged Nudity Post

Jerry Hall gives a commando performance, revealing more than she bargained for when she hastily exits a limo.

Mick Jagger’s Got Sympathy For Amy Winehouse

Mick Jagger says Amy Winehouse will be fine: “Everyone goes through this sort of thing when they become very famous so hopefully Amy will come out the other side with equanimity and a new lease of life.

The Lips Don’t Lie: Mick Jagger’s Pout Has Deflated

The lips don’t lie: Mick Jagger‘s trademark “child-bearing lips” have lost some of their fullness. The Daily Mail writes: “So deflated have they become that he is having to accentuate what remains with …

Mick Jagger’s Wee-Wee Is Bad for the Bee Population