Michael Caine

Michael Caine is Retiring, Sort of…

I guess now is as good a time as any to prepare ourselves for Michael Caine‘s inevitable retreat from front line movie making. And if his most recent interview on the BBC’s Newsnight is anything to go by, he’s been …

WATCH: Colin Firth, Mark Strong and Michael Caine Star in ‘Kingsman: The Secret Service’ Trailer

We all agree that secret agents are sexy, right? There’s something particularly appealing going on with the British spies in the film adaptation of comic creator Mark Millar’s comedic espionage movie Kingsman: The Secret …

WATCH: New Trailer For Richard Ayoade’s ‘The Double’

Last September we brought you the first trailer for The Double, the second feature film to be directed by The IT Crowd’s Richard Ayoade, starring Jesse Eisenberg from The Social Network.

Brit Binge Watching: Five Dame Maggie Smith Films Available to View Online

Dame Maggie Smith is currently nominated for her third straight Emmy for her role as Violet Crawley, Dowager Countess of Grantham in Downton Abbey (available on Hulu.com).

A Brief History of Michael Caine Impressions

Michael Caine’s birthday celebration is past – he turned 80 on March 14 – but we have one last salute to the veteran British actor.

What’s It All About, Sir Michael? The Wit and Wisdom of Michael Caine

Michael Caine, who celebrates his 80th birthday today, has been telling us great stories through his screen performances for more than half a century. But, as anyone who’s ever seen him on a talk show knows, the London-born actor …

WATCH: Sir Michael Caine’s Reflections Ahead of 80th Birthday

I’ve had the opportunity to chat to Sir Michael Caine on several occasions in the past few years so, in honor of his 80th birthday on March 14, I’ve revisited some old interviews.

Five Definitive Sir Michael Caine Performances

Happy birthday, Sir Michael Caine! The London-born actor turns 80 on Thursday, and here at Anglophenia, we’re celebrating all week.

10 Celebrities with Quintessentially British Names

Many British celebrities have names that capture the royalty, prestige, and history of Great Britain.  Below is our list of 10 celebrities with these quintessentially British monikers.

The Brit List: The Fifteen Greatest Actors Who Were Almost James Bond

Over the 50 years since James Bond first stalked that bloody circle at the beginning of Dr No, many, many actors have been considered for the role. Some have been dismissed by producers, some have ruled themselves out due to concerns …