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Keeley Hawes is set to grace Doctor Who in all of her sinuous glory in Season Eight. But longtime viewers of British TV can say we knew her when.

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If you missed out on the BBC America premiere of David Tennant’s miniseries, Spies of Warsaw, you can check it out on iTunes.com. What other British spy dramas are available online?

Holiday Gift Guide For Him (Or Her)

Note: The following blog post contains ideas for presents. They have been chosen because they are nice presents, available from the BBC America Shop, and relevant to fans of BBC America’s programming (not unlike the Doctor Who …

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Weddings. Candy. TV Drama. There are simply some things the Brits traditionally do better than Americans.

Law & Order Moves To London

I was a huge Law & Order fan before it diluted itself with umpteen inferior spin-offs and hired a certain current GOP presidential candidate with the trophy wife to replace the great Steven Hill. Who better to give this musty, …

The Makers of MI-5 and Life On Mars Head To Outer Space

Kudos Productions – the peoplebehind Life On Mars,Hustle (see above), and MI-5 – is possibly the mostconsistent producer of quality TV drama on the planetright now. That’s why I’m beside myself with glee atthe …