The Doctor Vs. Sherlock: It’s A Vote-Off!

Yeah! Kinda dramatic huh?

The good news is we’re not voting for one to exist and the other to be dissolved like some kind of TV drama soapflake, but there are awards at stake, British ones, and, well, let’s just say Steven Moffat must be feeling …

‘Merlin’ Recap: ‘Arthur’s Bane: Part 1′

We begin with Merlin running around Camelot and shouting hello, in quite a panic. It seems Gwen has gone missing, and Arthur, despite being surrounded by knights in red capes, has sent his most trusted (ish) servant to find her.

‘Merlin’ Star Eoin Macken Cast in New Pilot


Whether a planned TV pilot about an emergency room doctor gets picked up to go to series on NBC may depend on the luck of the Irish. Make that Irishman, as in Eoin Macken, the hunksome actor who plays Sir Gwaine on BBC America’s …