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Brit Binge Watching: Five British Sitcoms You Can View Online

We’ve been highlighting popular British TV shows currently on-air in the U.K. with our series What Are Brits Watching?

‘The Graham Norton Show’s Five Most Frequent Flyers

Big news! The Graham Norton Show is now airing on Thursdays (at 10/9c) on BBC AMERICA.

And to celebrate the return of an old friend (and his reclining chair), we’ve run some stats, crunched some numbers, and come back with a definitive list of the most popular guests he’s had on his sofa over the last 13 ...

Matt Lucas Signs On to Silent TV Program

It’s a bit funny to think of someone known for their comedic and vocal acrobatics starring in a silent TV series but that’s what Matt Lucas (Little Britain, Bridesmaids) is up to, reports BBC News.

WATCH: The British Are Invading Your ‘Community’

That headline, which makes us sound like some modern day Paul Revere, should have gotten your attention. But of course you noticed the quotes around the word “community,” indicating that it’s not your schools or even ...

Matt Lucas: ‘I’m the Least Career-Minded Person In Hollywood!’

A couple of weeks ago, you may remember we were talking about Matt Lucas and Billy Crystal’s new movie Small Apartments, which is directed by the notorious pop video director Jonas Akerlund, and seeks to make the most of ...

WATCH: Matt Lucas and Billy Crystal In ‘Small Apartments’ Trailer

Let’s be honest, it’s unlikely that the movie Small Apartments – starring Little Britain’s Matt Lucas, who is clearly making a little hay off the back of his unsettling appearance in Bridesmaids – will be giving ...

David Walliams: ‘My Working Relationship With Matt Lucas Is Over, For Now’

Little Britain star David Walliams has just released his autobiography, cunningly titled Camp David, in which he describes, among other things how his working relationship with Matt Lucas developed and changed over the course of their ...

Malcolm McDowell and Matt Lucas Join ‘Community’

Blimey, Inspector! Looks like Greendale’s going to have a small British invasion on their hands.

The Brit List: Matt Lucas Discusses Near-Nude Role in ‘Small Apartments’

Fans of Little Britain and the movie Bridesmaids have seen Matt Lucas in almost every way imaginable (and we mean that), but his role in the new film Small Apartments sees the British comedian showing considerable flesh for an extended ...

Matt Lucas Dismisses Split Rumors And Unveils New Show. Here.

Little Britain star Matt Lucas has been quick to dismiss British newspaper reports that he and David Walliams have decided not to work together any more.