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10 Britpop-Era Bands Still Around in 2014

Earlier this year the British music press was full of features about the 20th anniversary of Britpop—the British musical renaissance kicked off by Suede, given shape by Blur and then puffed up beyond all recognition by Oasis. But one …

News Roundup: ‘Harry Potter’ Star Arrested For Rioting

The temptation to make some crack about evil Slytherins is almost overwhelming, but we’ll push on past it to bring you the unhappy tale of Jamie Waylett, who played Draco Malfoy’s henchman Crabbe in the Harry Potter …

News Roundup: Lily Allen Broke James Corden’s Heart

It’s horrible being infatuated, isn’t it? Trying to cross a cavernous divide using only hope and misread clues as a bridge, and all the time wondering whether it’s going to be worth it, whether you’ll get all the …

News Roundup: Robert Pattinson Gives A Tramp The Gift Of Music

Guitar shops are magical places. There are all of these beautiful, shiny instruments on the walls, and they’re all slightly different – Gretsches, Gibsons, Rickenbackers, Fenders – so any self-respecting string-twiddler will …

‘Little Britain’ Invades ‘Doctor Who’

Whovians: take note! More news is starting to filter out about some of the special guest appearances in the new series of Doctor Who, and one name in particular has jumped out, especially if you’re a fan of Little Britain.

Manics’ Nicky Wire Wants Michael Sheen for ‘Doctor Who’ Story

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: For those still squealing over Doctor Who‘s April 23 season premiere on BBC America, we have a couple of related news bits to sate your excitement.

Music Roundup: The Bewitching Brilliance of Esben and the Witch

We fell madly for Esben and the Witch‘s goth-tinged soundscape upon hearing the eerie “Marching Song” last fall. And this week, the Brighton, England trio finally brings their long-awaited debut album, Violet Cries, to …

Manics Bassist Nicky Wire Admits to Obsessing Over the UK Charts

When it comes to collecting things, what do you obsess over? I know some of you out there go mad for Doctor Who goodies. I, for one, am totally proud of my rare lot of Smiths singles.

Manics’ James Dean Bradfield: ‘Indie Rock is Dead’

Manic Street Preachers principal James Dean Bradfield has had it with the state of music. The veteran Welsh musician thinks that today’s crop of bands are fronted by a bunch of “wannabe accountants” who completely …

Interview With Manic Street Preachers Drummer Sean Moore, Pt. 3

Anglophenia music contributor Lindsay Davis conducted this exclusive 3-part interview with Manic Street Preachers drummer Sean Moore. Click here to view Part 1. For Part 2, click here.