Lou Reed

WATCH: Alan Rickman As Hilly Kristal In ‘CBGB’

Rock biopics are notoriously hard to pull off. No matter how meticulously researched they may be, the clubs are always void of the atmosphere in which musical astonishment thrives, the actors playing the rock stars rarely have the same …

Music Roundup: Susan Boyle Is the ‘Gift’ That Keeps On Giving

Say what you want about Susan Boyle. She is one of the decade's most surprising, not to mention, endearing stars.

Susan Boyle’s ‘Perfect’ Ending

Earlier this month, Scottish singing sensation Susan Boyle was told she wasn't allowed to sing Lou Reed's treasured hit, "Perfect Day" on America’s Got Talent. Plus, she supposedly got the news just a mere two hours before …

Roundup: Lou Reed Ruins Susan Boyle’s “Perfect Day”?

TMZ‘s reporting that Susan Boyle walked off America’s Got Talent because Lou Reed had refused permission to allow Boyle to sing his hit, “Perfect Day,” on the show. The reason?