Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation: Five American Things The British Would’ve Spoiled

As Monday is the 4th of July, it seems a good time to look over the unique relationship between Britain and America, and how our two nations have got along ever since we unhappily lost control of what we used to call The Colonies.

Anglophenia Lists: Five Great British Things Americans Ruined and More

We've done the five great British things Americans ruined. And the the five British celebrity couples we love. Like most of you out there in the cyberverse, we here at Anglophenia are truly addicted to lists. Here's a roundup of our very best ones.

Lost in Translation: Five British Showbiz Icons Americans Adore

Picking up where my colleague Fraser McAlpine left off with his “Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Underachievers The British Adore” list, it’s time to highlight five Brits who’ve gained huge respect and legions …

Lost In Translation: Five British Things Americans Don’t Understand

Sometimes, we Americans can’t ignore the fact that there are a handful of things we just don’t get about our dear Brits. For instance, how did morris dancing even start? Why are crumpets so great?

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Underachievers The British Adore

After yesterday’s array of showbiz behemoths who arrived on UK shores to a less-than-rapturous reception, here are five American acts who have done better over here than they have over there. Prophets without honour in their own …

Lost In Translation: Five Showbiz Icons The Brits Don’t Understand

Certain elements of popular entertainment, which seem to make perfect sense on one side of the Atlantic, are a total mystery by the time they get to the other.