Lost In Translation

Lost In Translation: Just Who IS John Mayer Anyway?

The internet is full of people who like to parade their ignorance as if it is somehow a blessing in disguise. They’ll shout about how they don’t watch certain TV shows or listen to certain music or go and see certain movies, …

Lost In Translation: Five Things The Brits Can Learn From America

Last week, we had a look at just five things that America would do well to learn from the British, or consider learning, or even think about considering learning. Hell, I was happy anyone even read the blog, so let’s not pretend …

Lost In Translation: Five Things Americans Can Learn From Brits

Frankly even I’m surprised I didn’t just put ‘withering scorn and rolling your eyes’ five times and leave it there.

Lost In Translation: Five American Stereotypes That Confuse The Brits

The original title of this post was ‘Five American stereotypes that the Brits despise,’ a provocative idea that it’s kind of hard to live up to. Most people, whether in Britain or abroad, find it hard to despise five …

If a British Doctor Invites You to ‘Surgery,’ Should You Be Worried?

Surgery. A&E. Gorked.

Lost In Translation: Five British Stereotypes That Are True

It’s only fair and honest, having already exploded five myths about the British which people still wish to believe, to hold our hands up and admit the shameful truths which are scratched on the flipside of the coin.

Lost In Translation: Five British Stereotypes That Are Myths

Hey you! Yes you there! I’ve seen you talking about us behind our backs.

Lost In Translation: Five Things Which Are The Same, But Different

The best way to understand this post is by examining the following statements:

1: Britain and America have lots and lots in common. 2: That said, Britain and America are very different cultures, with their own customs and language.

Fraser’s Phrases: ‘All Mouth And Trousers’

“All mouth and trousers” is the kind of phrase you might have first heard on soap operas like Coronation Street, as it comes from the North of England. But it’s not just for people in Manchester to use, unless the rest of …

Lost In Translation: Five British Things Americans Are Missing Out On

We all knew this was coming, didn’t we?

Yesterday we ran our feature on the Five American Things The British Would’ve Spoiled, had they won the Revolutionary War. Which means we now need to put the opposite argument across.