Lord of the Rings

Sir Ian McKellen Blogs From The Set Of The Hobbit… In Shades

See this? Gandalf in shades? That’s got to be a Friday tonic for you, right there. And do you know who took the photograph? Peter flipping Jackson, that’s who.

His Career on an Upswing, Orlando Bloom Teases ‘Hobbit’ Involvement

Orlando Bloom is talking as if he’s been fully cast as the elf Legolas in the two-part Hobbit movie currently being shot in New Zealand — but he still won’t officially confirm his involvement.

‘The Hobbit’ Has FINALLY Started Filming

You’d think, if you were the director of three of the most popular films of…well it’s a very long time…you’d have no trouble getting the prequel made, right? I mean no-one stood in George Lucas‘s way …

‘Lord of the Rings’ Gang Reuniting For ‘The Hobbit’

If you want to know why Sir Ian McKellen is trending on Twitter, the man’s not dead. And clearly, his career isn’t either: according to The Hollywood Reporter, the star has officially signed on to reprise his Lord of the …