London Olympics

Five Irreverent Responses To The London Games

When the magician and show-off David Blaine came to London to do one of his endurance feats – the one in a box suspended from a crane, for ages – the natural response of the good people who live there was to take the mickey: eggs …

The Brit List: Ten Things About The London Games That Will Annoy Residents

The London Olympics are going to be great, of this there is no doubt. All of us Brits will be glued to our sets, trying to squeeze our patriotic fervor into ever greater gushing outbursts of excitement and glee whenever anyone from Team …

NBC’s London Coverage Takes A Walk Down Abbey Road

It seems to be the week for slightly odd teaser trailers. After the Mumford and Sons oddness yesterday, today we’ve seen NBC’s promo photos for their London Games coverage, which takes the cover of the Beatles album …

Muse Unveil Dramatic New Olympic Song ‘Survival’

Things which Muse always bring to a song:

Boris Johnson: America is ‘the Proudest Creation of London’

Boris Johnson isn’t just London’s mayor – he’s the city’s de factor ambassador and, with his seventh book, Johnson’s Life of London: The People Who Made the City Who Made the World, he joins a long …

Torchbearer Elmo?: ‘Sesame Street’ Creature Bids to Carry Olympic Flame

Who’s red, furry, speaks in a high voice and hopes to take part in the Olympics in London this summer? That would be Elmo, everyone’s favorite monster from Sesame Street.

WATCH: ‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith Carries the Olympic Flame

As we teased yesterday, Doctor Who‘s Matt Smith, in full tracksuit glory, carried the Olympic Torch in Cardiff today, completing a leg in the relay from BBC Wales’ Roath Lock Studios (where Who is filmed) to the Sennedd. A …

‘Doctor Who’ Star Matt Smith to Carry Olympic Torch!

UPDATED: Matt Smith has completed his leg of the relay – watch video

Despite Foibles – and Olympic eBayers – the Torch Is Lighting Up the UK

The Olympic torch got a big sendoff in the UK over the weekend, with an estimated 100,000 people turning out to cheer the beginning of the flame relay.

Royal Roundup: Princess Anne, Olympic Torchbearer

In a rainy ceremony in Athens that included school children singing “God Save the Queen,” Princess Anne accepted the Olympic torch on Thursday as it was symbolically handed over to London.