Lindsay Duncan

‘Doctor Who’s Day Roundup: The Week The Yeti Returned

Well, what an exciting week THAT was!

For Doctor Who fans, the announcement on Thursday that two of the previously lost Second Doctor adventures had been found on a shelf in Nigeria, and would be available to download on iTunes immediately, was akin to getting a second …

WATCH: Lindsay Duncan on ‘Le Week-End’ and ‘Doctor Who': ‘I’m Cross My Character Can’t Come Back’

British actress Lindsay Duncan, who was in New York a few days ago promoting her new film Le Week-End, is a big Doctor Who fan — not a totally surprising revelation given that she once appeared in an episode.

WATCH: Jim Broadbent and Lindsay Duncan Behaving Disgracefully In ‘Le Week-End’

In the immediate aftermath of a major international film festival there are a lot of trailers doing the rounds, and it has to be said that most of them are dreary. This may be because trailers are often made to a template, or it may be …

The Waters of Mars: Preview The Next Doctor Who Special

Visit the official Doctor Who site on

Davies, Tennant Explain Why They’re Leaving Doctor Who

Russell T. Davies and David Tennant talked to the The Times about what they’ve accomplished with their new take on Doctor Who.