Liam Gallagher

News Roundup: Emma Watson’s Post-‘Potter’ Plans, Harper Seven Rules Twitter

Emma Watson is looking forward to NOT being part of an astonishingly successful film franchise for a little while, if only because living under a microscope isn’t all that much fun when you’re that young: “It has been quite hard and pressured making the Harry Potter films,” she says. “I’m so happy to be …

Noel Gallagher On Being Attacked By A Plum And A Guitar

After Oasis split up, two very different work ethics came into play between the Gallagher brothers. Liam, in the same act of defiant ain’t-brokery that saw Oasis stick very closely to the shallow end of their musical rockpool for over …

‘I Want The Stone Roses Back’ Says Liam Gallagher

Even though Mani put the kibosh on those Stone Roses reunion rumors earlier this spring, Liam Gallagher would still like to see one of his favorite bands get back together for one last hurrah.

Liam vs. Mumford: It’s A Clobber-Off!

We all know that when Liam Gallagher is in an interview situation, he likes nothing more than to pick whoever is currently popular within the field of guitar-based popular music, and call them names. And the latest recipient of his …

Look Out, Liam! Mama Gallagher Has Her Eye On You

Liam and Noel Gallagher‘s mother Peggy has had about enough of all the bickering between her two sons.

Next on Liam Gallagher’s Hater List: Bob Dylan

Liam Gallagher may be inching closer to 40, but that doesn’t mean he’s mellowing out any. The English rock ‘n’ roller is still as ornery as ever, and the latest victim on his name-calling chopping block is Bob …

If Christopher Eccleston Can’t Make A Good Beatles Film, Can Liam Gallagher?

Liam Gallagher has revealed that his production company has now finished work on the script for a movie about the Beatles’ near-ruinous business venture, Apple, and he’s now on the lookout for actors.

Music Roundup: Radiohead’s ‘King of Limbs’ Set for BBC Performance

As we patiently await Radiohead to map out a North American tour (fingers crossed!) in support of their eighth studio album, The King of Limbs, The BBC reveals that the band will perform the eight-song set in full for an upcoming TV …

Liam Gallagher Hints at New Beady Eye Material

Beady Eye‘s rollicking debut album, Different Gear, Still Speeding, may have just dropped in the U.S. in March, but it sounds like Liam Gallagher and Co.

Liam to Rod: I Don’t Want Your Body, But Your Song is Sexy

Man, that Liam Gallagher sure knows how to keep things interesting… er, keep the press talking, rather.