Led Zeppelin

Anglo For Your Ear: Led Zeppelin Reunited

It’s already old news, but it’s exciting nonetheless: Led Zeppelin‘s back together! As reported months ago, it will be a tribute to the late Ahmet Ertegun, the Atlantic Records founder who passed away last year.

Anglo For Your Ear: Robert Plant’s “In the Mood”

At this weekend’s WARMUP party in Queens, New York, the DJ spun the coolest remix of the former Led Zeppelin frontman’s 1983 hit, “In the Mood.” I’d never been that into Plant’s solo material, but …

Spice Girls AND Led Zeppelin Are Reuniting!

Our bland pop world just got a little spicier: after a nine-year hiatus, The Spice Girls have OFFICIALLY announced their reunion and an accompanying world tour. Here are the U.