Lady Gaga

UK Chart Report: LMFAO’s Enemies Gather, And Blue Recieve Lukewarm Support

In this week’s chart, there’s not much going on at the very top. LMFAO are still ruling the roost with their “Party Rock Anthem,” and Bruno Mars’s “The Lazy Song” is chipping away at their heels …

Emma Watson Is Britain’s Best Dressed Woman

Readers of the UK’s Glamour magazine have voted Harry Potter star Emma Watson as their Best Dressed Woman of the year, knocking last year’s winner, Cheryl Cole, into second place. We’ve had a quick vote around the …

Brian May Will Appear on the New Lady Gaga Album

Brian May, formerly of Queen, is a ferociously talented guitarist. But for all that he invented and sustained a phenomenal level of creativity in the use of the electric guitar, with his multi-layering of harmonies and general melodic …

Lady Gaga Hails Alexander McQueen for ‘Born This Way’ Success

In the May issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Lady Gaga shares her unabashed adoration for Alexander McQueen.

Adele: ‘I Love Katy Perry’s Boobs, But You Won’t See Mine’

One of the reasons Adele is one of the best music performers in the world right now — apart from the tunes and the voice and stuff — is that she could not be more down to Earth if she was lying on the floor, at sea level.

No Sex Please, We’re Coldplay Fans

*Rubs hands together* Oh here we go! There is nothing more fun that a survey which takes two pieces of unrelated information about people, runs them through a number-crunching logarithm and extrapolates a fun theory from the results.

Chart Report: Red Nose Day Brings Mixed Rewards For George Michael

The story of this week’s chart is one of surprising highs, surprising lows, and those four songs that were stuck in pole position last week descending slowly, and in perfect formation.

UK Chart Report: Queen Adele (Still) Rules All

Never let it be said that one powerful performance can’t have an impact in this internet era. You remember a few weeks ago we were talking about Adele‘s astonishing turn at the Brit Awards, and how she essentially brought …

UK Chart Report: The Rehabilitation of Chris Brown

Pray silence, Anglopheniacs, for a momentous pop event has occurred within the last seven days, and we should give it due reverence.

2011 Grammy Recap: Muse Triumphs, Florence and Mumford Miss Out

Sunday night’s (February 13) telecast of the 53rd annual Grammy Awards, held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, was one of the most random ceremonies in recent years. But isn’t that why we watch year after year?